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Maybe it’s because I work for an accounting firm, but I couldn’t be happier the day I decided to track restaurants I’ve tried and want to try in Excel.  If you have any interest in trying new restaurants or being a go-to person for restaurant recommendations, then this is a must-do.  So how do you possibly recall all the restaurants you’ve eaten at up until this point? Don’t worry it is not as daunting as it seems.  Simply use sites such as www.nymag.com or www.menupages.com as your guide. I used my Zagat’s guide, went through every restaurant listed, and categorized the ones I recognized into “Ate at” and “Must try”.  I didn’t further categorize restaurants by location or cuisine, but one day I will. Who has time for a full-time job when my restaurant list needs categorizing?! 

Any restaurant in the “Must try” column that I know I am going to try within two weeks gets highlighted in red.  Believe it or not, highlighting a restaurant in red gives me an embarrassingly amount of joy, but only second to actually moving a restaurant from “Must try” to “Ate at”. Yes, I am a nerd. 

You will be SHOCKED when you realize how many restaurants you’ve eaten at, and how many you still want to try!  Since I created my list a short time ago, I’ve added at least 20 restaurants to my “Ate at” list.  Unfortunately, I think I’ve also added a few other things (eh hem), but I usually make sure to run an extra mile the day after dining out!

Picking a place to dine at or recommending a restaurant for visiting friends should be seamless once you ”list it out”. And if you do, I kindly ask you share your list by posting it on this blog! I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.

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